Children's Hospital @Stony Brook

My guitarist and I (Kevin Hunter) are in the waiting room at Stony Brook Hospital to sing for the kids today. Our day started at 3am and we just got finished airing LI BLUE radio show ( 90.1 FM) and now we're about to head in to play for the kids. I literally need to say a prayer to make it STRICTLY about them so I don't lose it & cry. I have never done something this intense and it feels so incredible to be able to show up for them and make their day. Some of the kids have been talking about us coming in today and are looking forward to having us in to sing for them. Kev and I put together about 15 tunes for them that we hope they enjoy. Feeling blessed to be of service and I have a soft spot for little kiddo's.. So its truly an honor to do this. I pray for all of them today that they have the best day ever & sending strong healing vibes!


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