What a fucking night man,... I am beyond amazed and grateful for all the good, amazing, wonderful,.. (ETC ETC ETC GREATNESS DESCRIPTIONS) people I have in my life. The Album release was such a magical moment for me last night and I am speechless to the amount of people who came out, my mom traveling to NYC from PA, playing with the wonderful Lew Soloff and all the other incredible players (Mary Mettias, Eric Finland, Dave Dawson, Even Steven, Kevin Hunter and Frosty Lawson) and the fact that we got invited back to play at the bigger stage of Rockwood Music Hall. The place was so warm and inviting for all of us and I truly felt like I could open up and be connected to my players who were so into the music and right on point...

Feel fucking blessed...not gonna lie...

Go to my "SITES" tab and you could find my first album debut of "Perseverance" to purchase :)


LD Bitchessss!

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