Austin Band is Coming Together!

I love my NYC players and I'll be coming back to NYC in roughly two weeks to rock out at BB Kings on Nov 18th (tickets are still avail for purchase)! 

In the meanwhile.. I've been on the hustle to come together to make my Austin band and as of Wednesday... It's a wrap! They rock. I've never played with a harmonica player before and it's a cool texture that I never imagined to have vibed with my voice and the sound of my tunes. It's so cool to get to know this scene out here in TX. Everyone is super friendly and laid back. I'm learning about recycling, organic foods, natural shit.. It's just wayyyyyy different. I am loving the idea of getting lost lately and I seem to do that a lot. I feel like a little kid here because EVERYTHING is new and I dig this change! 

For this Friday, it'll be a light show with bass, lead guitar and percussion and we hit at 8:30p Lucky Lounge (scroll through previous blog for directions) and share with your friends xo

LD <>'

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