I'm a bit exhausted from the flight...I tried to take a little naparoo when I checked into my hotel...NOT! IM TOO EXCITED!  I'm chillin in a laid back cafe right now in the downtown area and trying to get this website caught up and more up to date. Austin people are ridiculously AWESOME! The weather is hot as balls, I'm on an hour of sleep so I'm in shock and still taking it all in. I have a percussionist who is going to accompany me for both shows I'm gonna be rocking out on AUG 3RD & 5th (see events tab and check them out) and then I'm hoping to hustle up a couple more shows and network for the love of my first album "Perseverance." If you haven't had a chance to check it out...Go to your iTunes and click "Lauren Diamond" in the search and BOOM! "PERSEVERANCE" You will see! The Austin scene is super friendly and's reminding me of Nashville a lot. My biggest wish while I'm here (outside of music) is to hit up a hiking trains and I'm hearing from peeps about the Botanical Gardens...I hope to get lost...true awesomeness!

Why I'm so excited to perform with the CONVERSE sponsored and recent Bonnaroo's 2014 official artist, Jennifer Sullivan, is because she is a bad ass, she inspires me, she is unbelievably talented and I could go on and on and on and on and on and on .......and on. If you're in the Austin, TX area...CHECK OUT OUR DUAL PERFORMANCE. She is currently on a full fledge tour and wrapping it up in New York City to get her happy ass back to Austin on the 3rd for our "Strange Brew" performance and then heading into Dallas, LA, and just about alllll other places all over the world. Jennifer's shows are eccentric, out of the box and a genuine experience...let's just say she's not quiet and shy---- XO. Jennifer Sullivan is on iTunes and I highly recommend you give her a listen and purchase the tracks off her recent album "Something New"... (ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY). 

BBL, (lots of letters dlgjsdrkguhndrlnwrlgwkuehrgs)

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