Just Red (Single) 2019

Better Than Nothing (Single) 2018

Trying to Stop Me (Single) 2017

Thank You (Single) 2016

Was it Me (Single) 2015

Perseverance (Album) 2014

In the Rough (EP) 2013

Whatcha Gonna Say (Single) 2013


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Thank you everyone for coming to my shows, rooting me on and supporting my tunes thus far! It's really keeping the fire going. I'm super excited to share the new project about to be out in the world in weeks away! Just Red. I wrote this song after my trip to Europe. It was eye opening and inspiring. It gave me insight to the fact that what we see isn't all that there is. The video shares a woman who only sees one color and as the video unfolds... the colors expand. 


Just Red: Music Video #ComingSoon 


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Previous events


Lauren Diamond

Austin International Airport: Annie's

Lauren Diamond at Bitter End (proceeds go towards Women's Shelter in NYC)

Bitter End, 147 Bleeker Street, New York, NYC

I'm super happy to be a part of this event. I was booked for this by a lovely gal who put this all together... Her name is Meghann Wright. She is a master mind. Miss Wright pretty much rounds up women all over the NYC area (maybe other areas too...she's super woman for reals) and she brings peeps together.

Why this event is special is because all the proceeds for this are going to a Women's Shelter in Manhattan, which I think is pretty fucking bad ass (excuse my French, I curse when I'm happy) (I curse a lot).

Anyways, hope to see you there and even if you want to stop in and not see me...I'm promoting this for the cause of what this event stands for.

7-10p and the fellow artists are: Lindsay Dunphy Breanna Bryan Elli Espi Mary Mettias (of Vine Leaf) and last, but certainly not least...Meghann Wright (the one who put ALL of this together amongst many things)

MEGHANN'S SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/meghannwright

MEOW MEOW- Diamond!

Lauren Diamond opening for Jennifer Sullivan

Strange Brew, 5326 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX

Lauren Diamond is opening up for Jennifer Sullivan who is sponsored by Converse and then following her set, she will be backing Miss Sullivan on vocals. The doors open at 5p and the tickets are $5.